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Weekly update on stem cells_Friday June 15th

Head-to-head comparison of two engineered cardiac grafts for myocardial repair: From scaffold characterization to pre-clinical testing.

Perea-Gil I, Gálvez-Montón C, Prat-Vidal C, Jorba I, Segú-Vergés C, Roura S, Soler-Botija C, Iborra-Egea O, Revuelta-López E, Fernández MA, Farré R, Navajas D, Bayes-Genis A. (2018)

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The local microenvironment limits the regenerative potential of the mouse neonatal heart

Notari M, Ventura-Rubio A, Bedford-Guaus S, Jorba I, Mulero L, Navajas D, Martí M, Raya A. (2018)

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Photographs of hearts that underwent regeneration (left hand picture, heart amputated when mouse was 1 day old), or that failed to regenerate and formed scar tissue (right hand image, heart amputated when mouse was 2 days old or older). Source: CMR[B



Young at heart: a novel window to cardiac regeneration

Pharmacological modification of the cellular microenvironment extends the regenerative capacity of the heart in neonatal mice


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